Information Technology

Information Technology has become an essential tool for the architectural design, interior design, and real estate management professions. Determining appropriate hardware specifications, integration, and management of computer resources is critical to a successful and productive computer system. AP3D’s goal is to create a cost-effective system that benefits a firm’s design process and design product—and grows and adapts to its business needs.

Our IT services include:

  • Strategic Planning: assessment, analysis, and budgeting
  • Local Area Network (LAN): development and management
  • Infrastructure Design: network switches, firewalls, cabling, Internet access
  • Hardware and software installation, and software customization
  • Servers: file storage, print, and email
  • Workstations: application installation, upgrades, and problem resolution
  • Integrating Cloud-hosted Technologies
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): remote access
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware Systems
  • Data BackupTraining 

For firms with no in-house IT management or support, AP3D can provide a completely outsourced solution, ranging from periodic maintenance visits to full-time, on-site support. For firms with existing in-house IT staff, AP3D can help with special projects or upgrades.

Digital Design

The ability to create digital databases that represent built environments allows designers, builders, and facility managers to work with construction documents in ways not been previously possible. Computer aided design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, automated business management tools, and digital communication provide professionals with robust tools to design, construct, and manage buildings. This includes the accurate production and modification of drawings, the rapid studying of design alternatives, and the analysis of building data.

As specialists in CAD and BIM system specification, integration, customization, and support, AP3D’s experienced architects provide services to firms looking to develop or upgrade their use of digital design technology.

Our Digital Design services include:

  • Assessment: Evaluate the specific needs and goals of your company.
  • Planning: Produce a strategic plan for a cost-effective hardware and software solution. 
  • Development: Provide hardware and software system specifications, which we coordinate with a selected vendor, comprehensive CAD and BIM standards, and customized software functionality.

Business Management

AP3D advises design firms on business management topics, including assessment reports, accounting software implementation, project management, accounts receivable/invoicing, and contract administration.

Our Business Management services include:

  • Assessment Reports: Review and evaluate a firm’s operations and recommend ways to improve its practices. This unique service can greatly benefit design firms of all sizes, providing both a broad overview of business operations of the firm as well as specific information and tools that can be used to more effectively manage a practice.

After collecting information from principals and accounting personnel and conducting an extensive review of your administrative operations, AP3D prepares a report that outlines and evaluates the status of your current business methods and practices. We then recommend ways to enhance or improve these practices.

We review accounting software functionality and accounting techniques, including invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and financial reporting. We also assess techniques used for budgeting and forecasting, overhead determination and allocation procedures, firm ratios, and project management reporting.

This Assessment Report is an extremely valuable product. It helps you understand how your management practices and process measure up to industry standards, and provides you with tools to save time and money and increase the growth potential of your practice.

  • Accounting/Project Management Software: Train personnel to use current software most effectively—or assist in software conversions and training.
  • Project Management: Work with accounting and professional staff to increase the effectiveness of project financial management techniques by initiating or improving reporting and budgeting procedures, and through training and seminars for management staff.
  • Accounts Receivable/Invoicing: Develop and streamline systems for invoicing and accounts receivable to produce shorter turn-around times.
  • Contract Administration: Work with management and staff to develop improved practices.
  • General Services: Our other financial management services include the development of budgets and goals for your practice, the use and analysis of ratios to proactively manage the firm, and transition planning and development. Our operational services include reviews of employee policy manuals and benefit plans and FLSA compliance evaluations.